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Slimming Tea 3-Pack (All Blends)

The original Slimming Tea that everyone fell in love with!  Drink 15 minutes before meals or whenever hungry.  Naturally sweet from the herbs, and caffeine free.

  • MOST EFFECTIVE- Natural loose leaf blend effective for fat loss. Simply drink 15 minutes before meals or whenever you are hungry.
  • BEST SUPPRESSANT- This is NOT a laxative tea. It's blended to naturally decrease your food intake and help you finally get rid of your love handles and get skinny!
  • BEST SUPPORT- We will be with you to help answer any questions. We will also email you a copy of Chef Jeff's guide- 'The Rules of Fat Loss' to help you on your journey.
  • BENEFITS- Boost metabolism, reduce bloating, lose weight, tastes great, detox, cleanse, and so much more!
  • 100% Guarantee- We've always had one and we always will. Decrease your hunger pains, lose weight, and fell better or your money back!
  • Comes in all three of our amazing flavors.  Best way to find your favorite blend and save the most money.