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Reboot 14 - Two Week Program $75 Off

  • Daily Detox Green Drink, Choice of Herbal Detox Tea, Choice of Detox Bath Salts, Quick Start Guide, Wooden Scoops, Tea Strainer, Workout T-shirt.

Completely Reboot your body in just two short weeks!

This program will help you reset your body, and feel amazing.  Chef Jeff will guide you with daily emails and encouragement and you will have his private email address for any help that you may need.  You will spend a few days getting ready by slowly cutting out foods that are doing harm to your body. 

You will then transition to 7 days of detox.  This is not some starvation diet like many detox and cleanses.  You will be drinking two tasty smoothies per day using the daily detox greens super food powder.  You will also be drinking a cup of our herbal detox tea which Chef Jeff formulated to cleanse your body and your liver and kidneys.  It tastes amazing!  You will have as many snacks as you want (this is not a starvation detox) and enjoy one of Chef Jeff's recipes for dinner.  And the highlight of your day will be your nightly detox bath with our bath salts blended with imported Dead Sea and Epsom salts.

During the third phase of the Body Reboot Program you will be slowly reintroducing foods back in to your diet and recording your tolerance to those foods.  When finished you will feel amazing, your skin will shine, and you will have a great understanding on what diet is best for YOUR  body.